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Here is a free idea for the video game companies. I’m speaking mainly to Sony, as the PS3 now supports 3D blu-ray and they already have an incredible line-up of 3D TVs.

I’m proposing that the 3D TVĀ technology can be used to give ‘split-screen‘ a whole new meaning; where each player views a unique screen that only he/she can see.

First, a little background on how most 3D TV operates.

  • The left eye view is displayed on the TV screen
    At this same time, a transmitter is telling the glasses to block the right eye of the 3D glasses
  • This alternates on the next frame
    A right eye view is displayed on the TV – The glasses block the left eye.
  • More information can be read at

Now let’s suppose you are playing a video game (like Modern Warfare 2 =^]) and using split screen view.

  • The view is only half the size of the screen
  • Both players can see each other’s screen (very bad for competative gaming)

Now imagineĀ a pair of glasses has only left eye lenses and another pair has only right eye lenses. Each pair of glasses would only see the left or right view. If the game alternates the ‘Player 1’ screen with the ‘Player 2’ screen and syncs this to the glasses, each player will view only their own screen. This eliminates both the problem of a small split screen and the ‘enemy’ being able to see your actions.

There may not be a large enough market to profit on something like this, and there may be some technical limitations I am unaware of, but i believe it’s definately worth some investigation…

Just after writing this, I found this article – wow. Looks like Sony beat me to it…