Adding an anchor in a SharePoint 2007 wiki

Posted: December 1, 2010 in 2007, SharePoint
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Unfortunately, there is no ‘Anchor‘ support in the SharePoint 2007 wiki wysiwyg editor. If you want to continue using the ‘out of the box’ wysiwyg editor, you’ll need to add anchors in the source view.

To access the html source view, open the desired wiki page into edit mode.

Look for an icon on the editor toolbar that looks like a page with angle bracket symbols.


Once in the source view – look for the location where you would like to add an anchor. If you are not familiar with html this may be a little overwhelming (and I would suggest hitting the w3schools website for some basic html tutorials).

In this example, I am adding an anchor to the bottom of the wiki page called ‘bottom’.
<A id=bottom></A>


Click ‘ok’ to return to the wysiwyg editor.

We now need the url to the wiki page you are editing –
right click the wiki page in your breadcrumb and choose ‘Copy Shortcut’. Your breadcrumb may look different or be in a different location depending on your master page configuration.


Once you have the wiki page url copied, lets add a new hyperlink to your wiki document.

Now paste the URL into the hyperlink form and add ‘#bottom’ to the end of the address(or whatever you named the anchor on your page)

You should now have a hyperlink in your wiki that points to an anchor! (Wouldn’t this be easier if the wysiwyg editor supported anchors?)

  1. How come noone has come up with a feature to add an anchor button to SP wikis yet. Anyways thanks for the great write-up. Something to bookmark for sure.

  2. Frans says:

    Should this make us a bit sad? Why do we need a full page of explanation on how to add a simple anchor? It is a nice post, and sharepoint users will have a valuable use of it, but still. It seems like it has been left out on purpose.

    In our product, we have replace this rich text editor simply by MS Word. Just to lower the usage threshold.

    — Frans

  3. Pete says:

    You must copy the URL from the page, from the All Pages

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